the president's annual report

JULY 1, 2019 – JUNE 30, 2020
Cello and music stand


2020 has been such an unusual year. We were all surprised in March when we were told about the Corona-19 virus. It was a shock when we were told we would have to wear masks and practice "social distancing". We all learned very soon that this was serious. There was a tremendous rush to the stores to purchase toilet paper, disinfectants, napkins and food. It left the shelves barren. Our social life changed immediately. We could not hold the planned Symphony League meetings or have parties. Everybody was told to stay home and we did. Soon everybody realized that there was no reason to dress in their nice clothes every day so we wore pajamas. Children couldn't attend school so they were home schooled or they they had classes over the computer. Churches adapted to holding services on-line through computers. The Symphony League could not attend our Board meetings together so we used GoToMeeting and attended virtually. We all adjusted! Since members and friends could not get together, the Board decided to send an invitation for them to join us for a Non-Event Event! Frances Webb did a wonderful job designing the invitation. We had such a fun time getting it all together and inviting you to join us in celebrating and supporting the Symphony League. It gave all of us a feeling of hope and excitement when your donations poured in. It was clearly a message of allegiance to the Symphony League and the SC Philharmonic. Thank you! It looks like a vaccine is forthcoming, and we hope to have good results in 2021. Our goal is to plan a special party at the end of the Corona-19 virus. It would be wonderful to be able to really dress up, have great food and music, and dance the night away. We will count on seeing you at our next REAL party.

Music Class


Members of Symphony League advocate for music education and encourage musical programming for the youth of the Midlands.  Our work in this area takes several forms including support for the SC Philharmonic Young People’s Concerts—Link-Up—a collaboration with the Weill Institute at Carnegie Hall and support for the four Youth Orchestras sponsored by the SCPO.  Symphony League members serve brunch to the musicians on the two days in February when they present four concerts for local Midlands students in the Koger Center. Our members help recruit area schools to attend the concert, help financially with schools who cannot afford the admission and/or transportation costs, and we volunteer with other services, as needed.  Our financial aid is often enhanced by a grant from the Women’s Club of Columbia and by other private individual donors.

Other Educational Programs sponsored by the SCPO and endorsed by SL include Carnival of the Animals, Aesop’s Fables, Adopt-a-Musician, and Kids-to-Concerts. These programs are available to Midlands schools who wish to bring music to their campus or to have their students attend a SCPO concert.

Violin Orchestra


Symphony League Board of Directors meetings were held at Still Hopes on the third Monday of the month in August, September, October, November, January, and February. The March, April, May and June meetings were held virtually using the Go To Meeting App. Thank you to our board members for their leadership and dedication. We added a few new members to our organization—always a good idea. We need a constant flow of new ideas and fresh approaches to grow and prosper. We published four issues of Crescendo, our newsletter. We advertised events and meetings, and reported successes to keep our members informed. Other forms of communication included numerous email blasts, Facebook and our website. Thank you to Nancy Hughes and Cheryl Black for keeping our membership informed.