symphony league endowment fund

The Symphony League Endowment Fund was established in 1974 with a $300.00 contribution from the Symphony League to provide support for the South Carolina Philharmonic and to promote orchestral development in the greater Columbia community.  Three trustees from the Symphony League meet annually with our endowment financial consultants to determine the amount to contribute to the SC Philharmonic.   Over the years more than $700,000.00 has been given to the SCP enabling the Symphony League to be a major contributor to the efforts of the orchestra. Symphony League received over $3,400.00 in contributions this fiscal year and contributed $20,000.00 to the orchestra.  Symphony League members are encouraged to make memorials and/or to honor friends, family members or musicians with contributions to the Symphony League Endowment Fund.

Thank you to all Symphony League members who contributed! These funds help us increase our financial support to the SC Philharmonic.


Trustees of the Symphony League Endowment

Chairman – Mrs. Carolyn Donges  (1st year of 2nd term) Secretary – Mr. Boyd Black (3rd year of 1st term)

Treasurer – Dr. Jennifer Savitz (2nd year of 1st term)